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Out On Your Block

by Wyldlife

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released January 20, 2017

Dave Feldman - vocals
Sam Allen - guitar
Spencer Alexander - bass
Stevie Dios - drums

All songs by Sam Allen & Dave Feldman
Contraband Publishing Co (BMI)
Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia at Dan Dixon's Dungeon

Produced by Tuk Smith & Dan Dixon
Engineered by Dan Dixon
Assistant Engineer: Patrick McConkey
Mixed by Geoff Sanoff
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Album Art and Design by Spencer Alexander
Photo by Radek Piechuta
Bad Boy Gang vox on "Get Loud," "Bandida" & "Deadbeat"provided by Adrian Barrera, Tuk Smith, Chase Tail and George Cuda


all rights reserved



* Wyldlife New York, New York


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Track Name: Desperate Times
You’re so basic
I’m so cheap
But let’s face it
What you want got you hanging
On the edge of me

So let’s go (or)
I’ll let you go
But just watch that mouth
Who you talking to?
‘Cause it’s real hard times
On the avenue

Tonight… you think you’re clever
But desperate times
Call for desperate
denim & leather
Track Name: Teenage Heart
Surprise I’ll never learn my lesson
I should’ve shaken off my adolescence
By now but I don’t know how or when

You got to be so attractive
Now you’re holding my emotions captive
Round & round we go again

I hear the record… I recognize your face
For the record, you put me back in my place
My head’s in high school, you pulled me back to the start
And I’m a little bit older but I still got a teenage heart

So how you been? Am I bein’ too nosey?
You know how to make a guy feel lonely
But you were my plus one back then

I heard you’re living right around the way
Are you still listening to New Clear Days?
Round & round we go again

I got a teenage heart… a goddam teenage heart
You got a teenage heart too baby, so c’mon

Every time I’m reaching the refrain
I can’t help myself. I see your face again
Every time I’m reaching the refrain
I can’t help myself. I see your face again
Every time I’m reaching the refrain
I can’t help myself.
Track Name: Keepsakes
I start to pause
I start to worry
I found your left shoe
You left in a hurry
Oh no… but where did you go?

Your T.Rex tee shirt
You left behind
The clues nor the clothes fit
I know it isn’t mine
So how come… you decided we’re done?

Were you a victim of crime?
Was it another guy?
I’m still wondering why
All I got are

Your keepsakes… That’s all you left to me
Were your keepsakes… Your keepsakes
You’re just a lost cause gone beyond a reasonable doubt
You’re a mystery that I couldn’t figure out
With your keepsakes… your keepsakes

Some bobby pins / bottled pills
Some stray hairs
Tell me where you been
You got to tell me just where
You escaped… and why it couldn’t wait

Some little baggies
Who took the drugs?
Your lipstick stains
On my coffee mugs
And what’s more… this coffee’s still warm
Track Name: Deadbeat
I don’t wanna work hard
And I can’t pay rent
I could straighten out
I’d rather get bent
I had a day job but I just
Couldn’t hack it

I’m fine getting busy
Killing time
Hangin’ at my mom’s
Drinking Bud Lite Lime
She’s sure I’m a slob livin’
In a leather jacket

You’re either falling in line
Or you follow your heart
You’re either living your life
Or you’re falling apart
So just settle down
And mess around with me

I’m a D-E-A-D-B-E-A-T: Deadbeat!
I’m just a D-E-A-D-B-E-A-T: Deadbeat!
No hope low life that’s the way to be
Passed out on your couch lookin’ for some company
I’m a deadbeat, baby. You can be a deadbeat too.

I don’t wanna have a dream
‘Cause I’d get let down
Or mess the whole thing up
Anyway, I’m on to something

And I know I ain’t a star
‘Cause I ain’t in space
Or walking the streets
Out in L.A.
I’m more like a mediocre
Track Name: Bandida
I lost my footing, I lost my step
She said she couldn’t ‘cause I couldn’t connect
Those dots now I’m shot trying to find my own way
I’m looking for a cleaner getaway

I set ground for nowhere at all
I think I found it, they think I’m a star
Now I’m stuck. That’s my luck but I gotta break out
There’s just one woman that I’m thinkin’ about…

Bandida! Señorita! She stole my corazón.
Estoy roto, I’m going loco and I’m stranded far from home
So just point me back north towards the bus station
‘Cause my heart’s lost in translation
Or meet me in the middle… Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I headed south ‘cause I had to run
She ran her mouth, said I’m running from
Some ghost, it’s too close now it’s hot on my heels
She said she knows me she don’t know how it feels

I surf a couch like a tidal wave
I’m crashing down when I hear her name
From her lips so I split ‘cause I gotta break out
There’s just one woman that I’m thinking ‘bout…

But I don’t wanna waste time writing love songs
I spent twenty five years trying to get along
So just point me back north towards the bus station
‘Cause my heart’s lost…
Track Name: Contraband
I feel like a cigarette
I’m lit up like a cigarette
‘Cause my head’s on fire; you’re soaking wet
So let’s spend ourselves ’til there’s nothing left

And I feel like nicotine
C’mon, honey, you know what I need
‘Cause once I crawl into your bloodstream
You just can’t quit, you’re a goddam fiend

Can I manage to get myself off
When everybody seems to be all talk?
And I can’t get started ’til I can’t seem to stop
Contraband: I just can’t get enough

I feel like strychnine
Come closer to my strychnine
‘Cause the thoughts I got will rot your mind
And steal your breath: slow down time

I feel like illicit sex
Not like I’m in the mood for getting head
But like a cheap decision we’ll both regret
Maybe not tonight but soon I’d bet
Track Name: Suburban Fever
Something is going on
Something is going wrong
Don’t think I’ll last for long

Too many red lights
Too many dead nights
That’s why I’m uptight

Too much indecision
I’m getting tunnel vision
My skin starts itchin’

My stomach starts to churn
My eyes begin to burn
I’m on my final nerve

Suburban fever! My temperature is runnin’ hot
It’s hot & heavy, don’t matter if you’re ready or not
Stuck in the middle what’s a middle-class boy to do?
Suburban fever got a feeling it’s gonna break soon

Something inside of me
Too much anxiety
That’s why I’m breakin’ free

Top-40 Radio
‘Round the school zone
I’m all alone

Got too much time to kill
Get me some benadryl
Get me some chemicals

Get me some Robitussin
To keep my head from buzzin’/my hair from fussin’
Get me everything or nothing

Something is happening
I’m gonna snap again
If I don’t get some action, baby

I’m fading into a seizure
I think I see the Reaper
I got the fever
Track Name: 120 Minutes
Collecting 4-leaf clovers
Rabbits feet, salt over shoulders
Pushing your luck too far
Sleeping with your fingers crossed
But getting nightmares just because
Dreaming just seems too hard

Like you’re running outta gas
All your best days have run past
They say “good things to those who wait”
But what do they know anyway?

We got 120 minutes, c’mon let’s go and get it
Honey, I’m ready to ride
Nobody’s gonna let us, let ‘em come and get us
You can be my partner in crime (it’s been)
Darker days for way too long
You need something to make it shine
If you want to ‘cause I want to
Lay it down on the line

Losing all the hope you had
Gone for good, gone for bad
Learning wishing is for the weak
Shutting out the ones you love
Spending cold nights all alone
Burning bridges for the heat

Like you always wonder why
Your bleeding heart’s run dry
They say “good things to those who wait”
What do they know anyway?
Track Name: Cuffed
Black widow was my mama
And my daddy was a prince
Do you know me?
I lost my sister in the womb
Ain’t I ain’t seen her since
Do you know me?
My teacher was a mad man
Old as time
And he showed me
He showed me everything I want
And how to make it mine
Do you know me? I think you know me
I got a suitcase ‘cuffed to my wrist
So if you give me a second I can blow you a kiss
You got no use for a savior
Make no mistake I make no favors
I’m the needle in your eye
I’m the damned in demand and the evil in supply
I use no man’s law I am… the man
You never saw

I’m the feeling you get
When you step to the edge
Do you know me?
I’m the gallows pole
And the rope ‘round ya’ neck
Do you know me?
I’m the fallen son
From Revelations
The one & only
I am nowhere, everywhere
All at once
I think you know me…
Track Name: Get Loud
I’ve been 86’d with my head kicked in
From more places than I can name
I’ve spilt blood on the floor
Just to do it all over again
Beneath the streetlights I wonder why
I’m always chasing abuse
But all I know is nobody got nowhere
From following rules

And you don’t know where I’d go
Just to get to this point here
But I’ll be fine in time
Just gimme the beat & a beer
‘Cause death is certain
Life is certainly not
And I’m out on the corner
I’m out on your block
We can still get together
To turn it around, turn it up!
So c’mon and get loud

I’ve been beat down, battered, reputation splattered
All over Page Six
What can I say? Like the funny page
Got the last laugh & got my kicks
I’m counting scars on the boulevard
But I just can’t count that high
I’d rather live it up then just shut it up
And let it all pass me by

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